Renaissance is a small group of singers directed by Ben Rowarth and currently based in the North East, taking many of its singers from the Durham University, its students, staff and its Alumni. The choir specializes in two specific genres: Renaissance Polyphony and 20th/21st Century, or ‘Contemporary Music’ and works, not only to give specialist performances of these two genres separately, but also to provide programs that show how well these two contrasting and beautiful styles complement each other. After being founded in 2011, the group have been moving from strength to strength, receiving outstanding reviews and appearing on BBC Radio 3 in 2012. They will be performing in many more venues around the UK in the near future.IMG_27982

‘I have never been more impressed by choral singing in Durham. Such excellent student enterprise drives standards and enthusiasm.’ – Ralph Allwood, 2012

‘Completely Thrilling!’ – Clemency Burton-Hill

‘A renaissance for Durham;

an evening of outstanding musicality and maturity’ – Jane Shuttleworth, 2012

‘In a city where there is no shortage of chamber music, and where the same singers appear in multiple choirs, Rowarth’s distinctive style made Renaissance stand out from all the other smart young student/graduate choirs.’ – Jane Shuttleworth, 2012Renaissance_logo_pic2